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A person whose physical and mental abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by technological elements aiding the body and mind.


People should be doing more interesting things with their smartphones.

Social Media apps occupy the vast majority of time that most people spend on their devices. These apps are supposed to connect us, yet they end up distracting us from the present moment. Couldn't we be using our smartphones in better ways to directly benefit our experience in the real world?



Enhancing the human experience through forward-thinking software.

We believe the best tech should live in the background, and enrich our lives, rather than distract us from the present moment. Our software aims to achieve exactly this by adding digital information to the world around you.



To play a crucial role in the fast-approaching merge of technology and biology.

There's no denying that technology is increasing exponentially in density and complexity. We aim to branch into hardware as soon as possible to integrate our software systems with biological systems.

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